Our dishes speak of authentic Tuscany




Emilio and Bona, a long love story in which feelings for traditional cuisine are renewed every day.

Our dishes speak of authentic Tuscany, they smell of territory and good things.

Our cuisine brings to mind the ancient scents of slow cooking, the pleasure of lifting the lid of the pot simmering on the fire to inebriate yourself with the smells of the dishes being prepared and already imagine the flavor in your mouth.

For us every day is a Sunday lunch, a festively laid table in which to share the love of food, the simple and sincere one, behind which there are years and years of dough and cooking, of secret ingredients, of guarded recipes and passed down over time from generation to generation.

Via Nuova 1641 – Lombrici – 55041 Camaiore (LU) – Italy

Telephone: 0584 989289


Lunch: Saturday and Sunday / 12 am – 2.30 pm
Dinner: every evening except Tuesday / 7.30 pm – 11.30 pm

La carte

We create culinary experiences with high quality ingredients and simple preparations that respect traditions and make the most of natural flavors.

The connection with our territory can be found in our recipes that adapt to the seasons and use fresh, seasonal local ingredients.

Starting from the appetizers, we have built a quality tasting journey.

The Cellar of Wines

From our cellar, you can choose from over 150 Italian and foreign wine labels, selected by our sommelier.

A large section is dedicated to local wineries, excellent producers of especially organic wine who we turn to to broaden the experience of the Tuscan food and wine offer of our restaurant.

Emilio and Bona, the pleasure of welcoming. For us, hospitality is not a service but a long family tradition, our greatest wish is that you can feel like our guests, like family, like at home.

THE Location

The restaurant created from an old oil mill from the 1600s, with the structures still clearly visible, is located among hills rich in vegetation, on the banks of the Lombricese river. The lush nature and the sweet sound of the stream create an enchanting setting for suggestive and fresh summer dinners on our terrace.


    Via Nuova 1641 – Lombrici
    55041 – Camaiore (LU)
    Tel. +39 0584 989289